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Usage and Maintenance Instructions - The following information is provided to help you get the most pleasure from your e-cigarette. This information was written by JOYE Technologies.


How do you smoke the Electronic cigarette?


E-smoking is different from normal smoking. E-smoking is a matter of inhaling rather then smoking. When you inhale, you should consider the following: Do not inhale continuously or for a long period. Do not pull too heavy or too fast or too many times in a short period of time. This will have a negative effect on the cigarette function Always pull slowly (3 to 5 times pulling) and let the atomizer rest in between for at least 3 minutes. Over consuming your E-cigarette will lead to malfunctions. I f you whish to inhale more or more frequently it is advised to use 2 sets of E-cigarettes at the alternatively. Do not use liquids or cartridges other than those delivered with your e-cigarette.


Regular Maintenance


Clean the battery and atomizer by using purified alcohol to clean the contact points of the battery and atomizer with a clean paper tissue. By doing this regularly, your cigarette will perform better.




Self resetting: If you have the impression your cigarette does not develop enough smoke or the pulling is heavy you can try this: put he battery side in your mouth and blow on it. There are 2 little holes next to the LED light. Now your atomizer heats up and burns the rest liquid on the atomizer. Do not exceed 12 seconds of blowing or your atomizer will burn dead. After this operation your cigarette will function normal again. You will need to replace the battery and charge the one you just used.